A L E G A 


Alega was first started by Mira Birkelid in 2016. 

Alega was meant to be a company or producer producing music for other artists and vocalists. This was before Ida Alexia Antvort came along and Alega as we know it today was founded. 


In late June 2019 Mira stumbled over Idas ad online – which stated she was on the lookout for singing projects. In the following months they exchanged ideas and messages before they met for a collaboration. The sounds created had such a thrilling complexity that they decided to form that collaboration into something permanent – thus Alega as a duo consisting of Ida as singer, songwriter and guitarist and of Mira as producer, songwriter and pianist was founded in August 2019. 


Alega had their very first live performance at Safe as Milk in Oslo 5th December 2019. In January 2020 they signed a distribution and marketing deal with Bentley Records. Their very first single to hit the market is the song entitled “Light”. 


Alega is a duo which create music that are hard to define. Their sound is varied, transcendent and mystic. Their lyrics not only reflect who they are as a person and as a human being, but it is also very much relatable. 

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